1977 National News

The U.S. Department of Energy is created to address the growing energy

Carter officially pardons all draft resisters and evaders, permitting those
who fled the draft a safe return.

Convicted murderer Gary Gilmore is killed by a firing squad in Utah, the
first execution in America for 10 years,on August 10th for the Son of Sam
killing spree in New York City. A postal clerk living in Yonkers, Berkowitz
claims that he serves Satan and acts on the orders of his neighbor's dog.

The first MRI scanner is tested in Brooklyn.

The Alaska Pipeline began transporting oil from Prudhoe Bay to the port of

The first diesel automobiles are introduced by General Motors.
1977 World News

Widespread protest against apartheid leads to a government crackdown,
dissident Steve Biko is murdered while in police custody.

Television appears for the first time in South Africa.

West German police engage in protracted battles with the Baader-Meinhof gang
and the Red Army Faction.

Presidents Carter, of the U.S., and Torrijos, of Panama, sign a treaty that
will turn over control of the canal to Panama at the end of 1999.

The Vatican bars women from joining the priesthood.

In November, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat arrived in Lod Airport, becoming
the first Arab leader to visit Israel.
1977 Timeline

January - Apple Computer becomes incorporated.

February - "Up Your Nose," by Gabriel Kaplan, peaks at #91.

March - Future "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno debuts with host Johnny Carson.

April - New York's famed disco, Studio 54, opens.

May - The first quadraphonic concert is performed in London by Pink Floyed.

June - The first personal computer, the Apple II, goes on sale.

July - New York City experiences a 25 hour black-out.

August - Radio Shack introduces the TRS-80 computer. Twenty-five existed,
within weeks thousands were ordered.

September - The first TV viewer discretion warning appears on "Soap."

October - Three members of Lynyrd Skynyrd die in a charter plane crash.

November - The first flight of the Concorde (London to New York).

December - Ted Bundy escapes from a jail in Colorado.
Interesting Facts 

President of the United States Jimmy Carter

Vice President of the United States Walter Mondale 

Pulitzer Prize Winner-No Pulitzer prize for fiction was given this year.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner-Amnesty International

Miss America-Dorothy Benham (Edina,MN)

Speaker of the House of Representatives-Carl Albert (D) then Thomas P.
O'Neill, Jr.(D)

Life Expectancy 73.3 years

Elvis Presley, Charlie Chaplin, and Bing Crosby all passed away in 1977.
1977 Cost of Living

Gasoline was 65 cents a gallon.

The price of a new car $4,785.00

You could send your kid to Harvard for $4100.00 per year tuition.

The price of a new house $49,319.00

Of course the average income was a whopping $15,070.00.

A movie ticket cost $2.00

A postage stamp cost $.13

Average Rent was $240.00 per month

Granulated Sugar 76 cents for 5 pounds

Vitamin D Milk $1.67 per gallon

Ground Coffee $2.25 per pound

Bacon $1.10 per pound

Eggs $.48 per dozen

Fresh Ground Beef $.85 per pound

Fresh Baked Bread $.36 per loaf
1977 Music & Movie Favorites


Best of My Love - by The Emotions

Car Wash - by Rose Royce

Da Doo Ron Ron - by Shaun Cassidy

Hotel California - by The Eagles

How Deep Is Your Love - by The Bee Gees

I Wish - by Stevie Wonder

Looks Like We Made It - by Barry Manilow

New Kid in Town - by Daryl Hall & John Oates
Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright) - by Rod Stewart

Undercover Angel - by Alan O'Day

Annie Hall

Academy Award Winner

Star Wars

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Saturday Night Fever

Smokey and the Bandit

The Spy Who Loved Me
1977 Television Favorites

Three's Company ( ABC )

60 Minutes ( CBS )

Alice ( CBS )
1977 Sports Trivia

Q: Who won the World Series? 

A: The New York Yankees

Q: Who won the Super Bowl?

A: The Oakland Raiders

Q: Who were the NBA Champions?

A: The Portland Trail Blazers

Q: Who won the Indianapolis 500?

A: A.J. Foyt/161.331 MPH

Q: Who won the U.S. Open Golf?

A: Hubert Green

Q: Who won the Stanley Cup?

A: Montreal Canadians

Q: Who won the NCAA Basketball Championship?

A: Marquette

Q: Who won the College Football Championship?

A: Notre Dame

Q: Who was the Heisman Trophy winner?

A: Earl Campbell from Texas

Janet Guthrie, who qualified at 188mph, became the first woman to race in
the Indy 500.  Mechanical problems knocked her car out of the race after only
27 laps.
1977 Birth Notices

Liv Tyler July 1

Edward Furlong August 2

Sarah MIchelle Gellar April 14

Paul Cattermole (Actor) March 7

Shannon Miller (Gymnast) March 10

Jeff Hardy (WWE Wrestler) August 31

Fiona Apple (Singer) September 13

Kerri Strug (Gymnast) November 19


In 1974 Kim Tusing was the Freashman Attendent

In 1975 Sharon Haan was the Sophomore Attendent

In 1976 Marcia Hooghem was the Juniors Attendent

In 1977 Mary Rita Jones was the Homecoming Queen. The Senior attendent was Lori Weidman. Junior Kim Huen,Sophomore Jane Barsema, Freshman, Sandy Kummerer.

"Nights are Forever"

Freshman, Seniors Share Parade Honors with the freshman taking first place with there float "Go Steamers" and the Seniors took second with "Steam out the Prophets".

February 14th-19th "Rocks And Rolls" With sights of the 50's.

Peggy Weston named Basketball Sweetheart.

1977 Junior - Senior Prom

Greg Hayen and Diane Kummerer were King and Queen of the prom.

Bob Whitten was the featured soloist at the Prom, Singing the theme, "Colour My World".
Oustanding Seniors Reach

" Top 20 "

The following seniors were selected by the senior class for their personal
achievements and outstanding qualities

1. John Graham and Mary Rita Jones showed the " Most School Spirit " for
1976 - 1977.

2. The " Best Personalities " in the senior class came from Mike Hesse and
Kim Tusing.

3. Cindy Haiduck and Dan Berg were selected for " Most Likely To Succeed. "

4. Kristi Baldwin and Scott Zahnle were selected for being the " Most
Athletic. "

5. The " Most Talented " seniors selected were Larry Kettler and Sue

6. Kevin Parker and Deb Norman were selected as " Class Clowns. "

7. Carol Bechtel as selected a the " Most Outstanding Senior, " by the
Steamers Football Won State Title

Coach was Dale Giesler, assisted by Coaches by Craig Faulkner, and Jim

Players are,

Roy Abbott, Alan Bielema, Jim Bielema, Dug Brondyke, Bill Eads, Danny
Giesler, Rob Hammersmith, Greg Hayen, Mike Hesse, Steve Holesinger, Larry
Kettler, Keith Knee, Brad Kruse, Ed Leonard, Brian McCubbin, Matt Miller,
Jim Nagel, Kevin Parker, Doug Pell, Ernie Rock, Randy Willey, Ross Stage,
Rod Stage, Rod Wiebenga, Greg Sikkema, Mike Wierema, Jim Snyder, Scott


Steamer Football Team Captains;
Jim Bielema, Scott Zahnle, and Jim Nagel

The 1976-77 Football cheerleaders were: Kim Heun, Marcia Hoogheem, Diane Kummerer, Kathy Mensch, Emilie Rumfelt, and Sherry Schabilion.

The 1976-77 Steamers Basketball Team;

Head Coach Stan Borgman, and Coach Jim Proud and managers were Jane Hizenga and Tami Waddell.


Doug Brondyke, Keith Knee, Larry Kettler, Ed Leonar, Joe Postma, Rod Wiebenga, Greg Hayen, Rob Hammersmith, Sott Quick, Rick Holcomb, Eric Borgman, Jim Nagal, Randy Willey, Scott Zahnle, and Jim Snyder.


The 1976-77 Steamers Basketball cheerleaders were;

Kim Heun, Marcia Hoogheem, Diane Kummerer, Kathy Mensch, Emilie Rumfelt, and Sherry Schabilion

The 1976-77 Steamers at the mat;

Head Coach Dennis Boeck and manager Sam Lutz.

Wrestlers are,

John Graham, Terry Near, Alan Bielema, Todd Parker, Tim Bly, Roy Abbott, Ross Stage, Mike Hesse, Dan Wilkin, Bil Eads, and Erine Rock.

Most Improved Varsity Wrestler was Ernie Rock;
Most Aggressive Wrestler was Tim Bly who also led in reversals.
The Roll Award went to Bill Eads, leader in points, pins, takedowns, and near falls.
The Most Supportive Fan Award went to Ron Kenworthy.

The grapplers were coached by Mr. Denny Boeck and Mr. Bob Bye

The 1976-77 Steamers Wrestling cheerleaders were;

Barb Bennett, Belinda Jordan, Vicki Schaefer, Rhonda Smith, and Paula Snyder.

The 1976-77 Steamers Girls Basketball Team;

Head Coach Darel Mensch and assistant coach Bonnie Keag


Laurie Smith, Debbie Weston, Tammie Carl, Brenda Hamstra, Rhonda Anglese, Debbie Wiersema, Lorena VanZuiden, Kristi Baldwin, Debbie Norman, Brenda Tiesman, Sue Osbourne and Nancy Kettler.

The 1976-77 Steamers Girls Basketball cheerleaders were;

Laurie Buikema, Theresa McGowan, Lori Schaefer, and Hope DeWeerdt. They were sponsored by Ms. Rhea Kraft

The 1976-77 Steamer Girls Volleyball Team were;

Team coach was Mary Cox.

Kristi Baldwin, Kim Faber, Cindy Haiduck, Nancy Kettler, Janette Krueger, Brenda Tiesman, Lorena Van Zuiden and Deb Wiersema

"Jeans On" In 1976-77

It was a "jeans scene" around Fulton High School in 1976-77. If student fashion was any indication of the kind of year it was, '76-'77 was casual and comfortable. "Musts" in all wardrobes - guys and girls - were jeans, and lots of them. Painter pants and bib overalls were variations of equal popularity.

"Basic black" took the form of Steamer jackets and windbreakers, which were year-round marks of the well dressed student.

Basic denim ensembles were popular throught the '76 school year. Well dressed students were Linda Bosma, Matt Miller, Mary Rita Jones, Di Kummerer, Marcia Hoogheem and Jeff Sikkema.

"The Things We Did For Love"

There was more going on in the halls of Fulton High School than met the eye in 76-77. As in all years there was a lot of young love romping in the halls of the school. Four couples were selected by the student body of 76-77 as School Sweethearts.

Couple Mary Boelkins, a junior, and Greg Hayden a senior were practically always together around F.H.S.

Couple Kim Faber, a junior and Roy Abbott, a junior began seeing each other as upperclassmen in high school where they met.

Kim Huen, a junior and Larry Kettler, a senior had a romance that began sudden and became a "regular status".

Peg Weston, a junior and Doug Brondyke, a junior met there sophmore year in speech class and were "best of friends" during their junior year.

One of the favorite activities for the school sweethearts was standing in a quite corner whispering, "Goodbye until next hour!" Most couples liked the corners under the stair wells, near the D.O. room, the gym before school, and the vicinity of the band room.

A basketball or football game, Pizza Hut and then Lock and Dam 13 was the itenerary for the typical date in 1976-77 for F.H.S. sweethearts. "Going steady" was considered a "waste" by most Juniors and Seniors but was "decent city" for the lower classmen.

In most ways, "young love" and "dating" were as much a part of school life in 1976-77 school year as ever before, many times taking priority over serious studies and academic achievement.

F.H.S. 1976-77: P.E. Classes Go Co-ed,

As Equal Rights flourished across the U.S., so had they at FHS. The 76-77 school year made local history turning the tide to equal rights. There were daring girls who took drafting and even some joined in agriculture and FFA. The boys even tried their abilities in cooking by taking food classes.

The biggest change at FHS was the installment of co-ed physical education.

At the beginning of the 76-77 school year students entered co-ed phys. ed P.E. with doubtful minds and pessimistic attitudes. As the year progressed many of the students agreed that co-ed pys. ed. was a lot of fun, and also that you never knew just what was going to happen in it. For instance, Roy Abbott decided to go all co-ed and put on a girls gym suit one day, and certain boys got their gym shorts pulled down. Other than co-ed P.E. ended the first year at FHS on a happy note, but thanks is due to all the students that made co-ed phys. ed. work at FHS.

Student Drivers Keep On Truckin'

"Wheels" were very much a part of life at Fulton High School in 1976-77. Getting to, from, and around during and after school were all simpler for those students who drove their own cars.

Four drivers and their vehicles were elected to the "Automotive Hall of Flame" by the student body in the fall of '76.

Greg Hayen- '72 Nova

Steve Holesinger- '70 Torino

Rick Medema- '74 El Camino

Jim Snyder - '71 Chevy Truck

Chrome rims or "wheels," and wide tires were the first extras added to a student's car, and a tape player was practically standard equipment. As one student said " You gotta have tunes!"

The "loop" around town- down 14th Avenue, past FHS and up 10th Avenue - was well traveled by many student drivers in 1976-77.

AFS And FHS Welcome

Ana de Silva from Brazil

This One's For You"

Miss Fern Watson...Retired in 1977.





June 3, 1977

8:00 P.M.

"Pomp and Circumstance" Elgar Processional

Invocation Father Frank Draude

Chorale for Winds and Persussion Nelhybel Band Ensemble

Toastmistress Cindy Haiduck

"The Glory of Action" Scott Zahnle

"The Bliss of Growth" Sue Sikkema

"The Splendor of Achievement" Dan Berg

A.F.S. Student from Brazil Ana Da Silva

"Do You Know Where You're Going To" Masser (Senior Choir)

Presentation of Awards Richard Przychodzin

Presentation of Class Merrill E. Hughes

Awarding of Diplomas Robert Venema Kenneth J. Miller

Benediction Father Frank Draude

"Pomp and Circumstance" Elgar Recessional


Daughters of Amerian Revolution Award

Carol M. Bechtel

Illinois State Scholars 1976-77

Melanie Baker

Daniel J. Berg

Ross R. Bielema

Cynthia A. Haiduck

Marcia R.Hoogheem

Craig S. Johnson

Michael R. Kolk

Craig A. Pessman

Mary B. Van Zuiden

Timothey J. Wessels

Scott J. Zahnie

Senior Class Officers

President Linda Ann Kay

Vice President Mary Rita Jones

Secretry Terri Sue Andrews

Treasurer Sue Kay Sikkema

National Merit Scholarship Commendation

Melanie Baker & James Balk

National Merit Scholarship Finalists

Daniel Berg

Honorary Escorts

Julius Medenblik & Michael Swanson

Flag Bearers

Randy Wiley & Douglas Brondyke

Senior Class Officers

President Linda Ann Kay

Vice President Mary Rita Jones

Secretry Terri Sue Andrews

Treasurer Sue Kay Sikkema

Class Colors

Blue and White

Class Flower

Red Rose

Class Motto

The bliss of growth; The glory of actor; the splendor of achievement; For yeterday isbut a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision; But today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, And every tomorrow a dream of happiness, And every tomorrow a vision for hope. Look wel, therefore, to this day!

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